Endometrial Receptivity Analysis – ERA test

Elite Clinic offers in cooperation with international reproductive genetics company Igenomix Endometrial Receptivity Analysis, also known as ERA test.


If you have had implantation failure, this personalized genetic test can help you.
This technique helps evaluate the woman’s endometrial receptivity from a molecular perspective. ERA indicates the window of implantation (WOI), increasing your chances of successful embryo transfer.

ERA test has been performed on patients who have had recurring implantation failure with embryos of good morphological quality.

This test is recommended for patients with seemingly normal uterus and normal endometrial thickness (≥6 mm), in which no problems are detected.

The ERA test can also be performed in patients with an atrophic endometrium, whose thickness never reaches 6 mm consistently.


Test in Elite Clinic is performed by Dr Andrei Sõritsa.

You will find more information about the test  Igenomix: Endometrial receptivity test ERA

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