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COVID-19 rules at Elite Clinic

Dear Clinic Elite Visitors

Elites Clinic ensures that infection control rules are complied with when accepting patients. Compliance with all the requirements established by the Estonian Health Board is ensured.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

2020 White Christmas from Elite Clinic

Best Medicine and Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year 2018


AS Kliinik Elite was named Best Medicine and Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 in Tartu due to its innovative approach and stability and continuous good results.


Elite Clinic was first in South-Estonia to offer DNA based prenatal testing for pregnant women and first in Estonia to get a live birth after using frozen egg cells. Elite Clinic has a long history as a provider of successful infertility treatments.



Elite Clinic as the Best Medicine and Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 in Tartu

Elite Clinic`s results of infertility treatment had been updated


Here you will find the information regarding  year of 2018.

The total clinical pregnancies percent 50.2 is showing that Elite Clinic has done very good work also during 2018.


Number of Ovarian Punctions(OPU) 216
Number of Embryo Transfers(ET) 239
Number of freezed/thawed ET (CryoET) 71
Number of IVF- ET 43
Number of ICSI -ET 125
Clinical pregnancies-Cryo/ ET (%) 33/71 (46.5%)
Clinical pregnancies-IVF/ET (%) 23/43 (53.5%)
Clinical pregnancies-ICSI/ ET(%) 64/125 (51.2%)
Clinical Pregnancies IVF+ICSI / ET (%) 87/168 (51.8%)
Total Clinical Pregnancies (/ ET (%)) 120/239 (50.2%)


Arrival of the new Voluson E10 ultrasound system


Dr Deniss Sõritsa with VolusonE10 in Paris 2018


Elite Clinic is happy to announce the arrival of the new Voluson E10  ultrasound system.

With the Voluson™ E10 we can deliver truly  exceptional care – confidently and efficiently – every time. The  Voluson E10 encompasses the most advanced imaging capabilities  combined with efficiency and security features to help us to provide confident patient answers, faster.

Elite Clinic`s gynaecologist/reproductive medicine specialist Dr Deniss Sõritsa has visited on 18th of April the General Electric Company in Paris and had training with the new Voluson E10 ultrasound  system.

Read more about Voluson E10


Ultrasound image 1 - Voluson 10E



voluson e10 vsri fetal face



Panorama now offers screening for twin, egg donor, and surrogate pregnancies

Elite Clinic with cooperation with Natera laboratory is happy to announce the launch of an upgrade to the Panorama non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for twin, egg donor, and surrogate pregnancies following successful completion of our validation study.  This upgrade to Panorama expands the capabilities of our high-performance NIPT and provides several unique features.

Only Panorama provides:

  • Zygosity information
  • Individual fetal fractions for dizygotic twins
  • Fetal sex for each twin
  • Likelihood of monosomy X for monozygotic twins

Panorama is validated to screen twin pregnancies for trisomies 21, 18, and 13 with a combined sensitivity of >99% and specificity of >99%.


Panorama’s zygosity reporting may help determine care plans for twin pregnancies

In general, about 67% of monozygotic pregnancies are also monochorionic pregnancies, which are at the highest risk for serious complications, like twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), birth defects, and growth restriction.

While chorionicity can be reliably detected early in pregnancy, studies have shown that up to 19% of monochorionic pregnancies are incorrectly classified as dichorionic. Panorama can accurately determine zygosity early in pregnancy, allowing healthcare providers to align high-resolution ultrasound evaluation for chorionicity with NIPT results.

Confirming chorionicity enables providers to develop a care plan that is tailored to the specific needs of each twin pregnancy.


Only Panorama reports individual fetal fractions for dizygotic twins

Like in singleton pregnancies, accurate fetal fraction measurement and reporting is essential for accurate NIPT results in twin pregnancies as well.

Panorama measures and reports individual fetal fractions for dizygotic twins, reducing the risk that insufficient fetal DNA from either twin will result in a false negative. Natera`s adherence to quality control in reporting out risk means reliable results for patients.

To book an appointment please send an e-mail to

It is possible to prevent the preeclampsia

Gynaecologist and infertility specialist Dr Deniss Sõritsa is the only doctor in South-Estonia offering OSCAR screening with the preeclampsia screening (11-14 weeks of pregnancy) to detect the complications during pregnancy. During the OSCAR screening the risk of preeclampsia is being assessed.

Preeclampsia (PE) is an important cause of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity.

The risk of adverse outcome is much higher when the disease is severe and of early onset requiring delivery before 37 weeks’ gestation (preterm PE) than at term.

A major challenge in modern obstetrics is early identification of pregnancies at high-risk of preterm PE and undertaking of the necessary measures to improve placentation and reduce the prevalence of the disease.


ASPRE trial about prevention of preeclampsia:

The ASPRE trial concluded that treatment with low-dose aspirin in women at high risk for preterm PE reduces substantially the incidence of this disease.

For a pregnant woman it means that via help of OSCAR screening with the preeclampsia screening it is possible already during first trimester of pregnancy to identify the pregnancies at high-risk of preterm PE and to prevent the preeclampsia with aspirin among the risk group.

To read more about the study please click: Prevention of preeclampsia

Best Medicine and Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

AS Kliinik Elite was named Best Medicine and Life Science Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 in Tartu due to annual growth in export of medical services.

Year by year there are visiting more and more Finnish and Swedish patients.

In addition to that Kliinik Elite is involved with scientific research and is a partner in Competence Centre on Reproductive Medicine and Biology.