Reasons to give birth in Elite Clinic

In Elite Clinic it is possible to give birth only by planned caesarean sections. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us via e-mail (

  1. Elite Clinic employs only experienced and highly qualified personnel meaning there aren’t working nor practicing students, young doctors and midwifes.
  2. Midwifery care is provided by a personal midwife who is supported by a personal obstetrician and a personal paeditrician – all medical personnel is to help only you during your labour and the chance that the medical staff is not available the moment you need them is eliminated in Elite Clinic.
  3. Knowing that should a complication arise your care can be seamlessly transferred to the Tartu University Hospital’s reanimation department that is 5 minutes to drive from Elite Clinic.
  4. You will be using a private room before, during and after the delivery. A hotel-like family room you will be staying before and after a delivery is equipped with satellite TV, telephone, bathroom, hair dryer, bathrobe, slippers, cable Internet connection. In some rooms there is a fridge. Your partner and older child can stay overnight if they prefer so.
  5. In Elite Clinic there is a guest room if you want to host guests after delivery.
  6. All you and your baby need while staying in our maternity department is provided by Elite Clinic. There are comfortable clothes and hygiene items for you and your newborn. Elite Clinic will provide diapers for your baby while you are with us.
  7. Your lunches and dinners will be ordered from restaurants and cafés. Tips how to choose healthy food suitable for a woman after giving birth will be provided by our midwife. Also possible to order food for members of family.
  8. There is a free and safe parking lot and a video-surveillance. Elite Clinic has an award-winning garden to enjoy relaxing walks.
  9. The small number of deliveries simultaneously helps to guarantee your privacy and comforts, it lowers the risk of infections for a mother and a child. Also it gives our staff the opportunity to provide every woman with personalized attention and special care.

As women in Estonia give birth only once or twice during lifetime, we have made twice as big investments as an ordinary maternity hospital usually does to offer special care and comforts during that important time of your life.

Our goal is to ensure you a safe and pleasant stay. Elite Clinic is the right place for you if you who want an entirely private maternity care, including delivery, led by an obstetrician.

In Elite Clinic patients from both Estonia and abroad are given the highest standards of clinical and customer care.