Niptify test

NIPTIFY is an accurate screening test for fetal chromosomal diseases that determines the risk for Down, Edwards, Patau and Turner syndromes. In addition, it reveals the sex of the fetus.

Owing to the superior accuracy of NIPTIFY, 90% of those women don’t have to undergo invasive amniocentesis. Only a blood sample from the mother is needed to perform NIPTIFY making it safe for both the baby and the mother.

An analysis report is sent to the doctor in 10 working days.


NIPTIFY is available for all expectant women from week 10 of pregnancy.

NIPTIFY can detect chromosomal diseases with nearly 100% accuracy and has 100% accuracy for detecting the sex. Additionally, the test can detect other chromosome abnormalities that could affect the health of the fetus or the outcome of the pregnancy.


NIPTIFY has been created in collaboration between Estonian scientists and doctors. The analysis is performed in Tartu and your genomic data will not be sent outside the country.


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