Fertility assessment test


Fertility assessment test’s purpose is to give a woman over the age of 30 years the assessment of her fertility and probability of becoming pregnant.

Approximately one woman in ten is not able to conceive her own genetic child after the age of 35 unless she has previously given birth.

Woman’s age when she has her first child, has steadily grown over the past 20 years. This trend is especially noticeable among educated women. According to the statistics, one woman in five in that group postpones to have their first child after the age of 35 years.

Fertility test is recommended for women:

  • aged 30-35 years, who has yet not given birth
  • aged 35-40 years, if it’s over 10 years from the last delivery
  • 35-40 years of age, if pregnancy does not occur within one year of regular sexual intercourse
  • those women who have had ovarian surgery (endometriosis, tumor)
  • over the age of 30 years, if periods are irregular (fluctuations over 5 days)
  • over the age of 30, if painkillers are required because of abdominal pain during every menstrual period


What is estimated during the test?

Taking into consideration the blood markers and ultrasound examination, ovarian reserve and fertility prospect is assessed.


What is the right time to have the test done?

During 3rd-5th day of a menstruation cycle. The first day of menstruation is considered day 1 of the cycle.


When to book the time for the test?

When the period starts, please call to Elite Clinic on +372 7409 930 to book an appointment time with doctor Andrei Sõritsa.

If there are no available times, please ask to speak to doctor Andrei Sõritsa himself to arrange additional appointment time.


What is important to know before the appointment?

  • The appointment must take place in the morning prior to 12:30 pm and please take into consideration that performing the test takes about 40 minutes
  • you need to come to the appointment in the morning fasting as well as without drinking
  • for at least six weeks prior to the appointment do not use any hormonal medications, vitamins, food supplements or contraceptives
  • 3 days prior to the appointment not to have sexual intercourse
  • 6 weeks prior to the appointment do not visit a hot climate countries (except if you live there permanently)
  • 6 weeks prior to the appointment do not go for an abdominal nor back massage, acupuncture, leach treatment, extra sensory or physiotherapy


Would the partner/ husband need to attend the appointment as well?

No. Analyses for a man are recommended if the woman does not become pregnant within one year of regular sexual activity without contraceptives.


Which questions could be answered?

  • Is the ovarian reserve normal?
  • What is the prognosis in terms of 5 years period to conceive a child?
  • Whether there are tumors / endometriosis and their significance for conceiving a child?
  • Whether it makes sense to preserve ones fertility, to freeze oocytes / embryos for the future?
  • How much time one has in aspect of deciding when to have a child?
  • Whether there is a need for medicament / surgical or artificial insemination?
  • Whether there is a need for additional tests?

Dr. Andrei Sõritsa has 30 years of experience with the research and treatment with childless families. With his help thousands of children have been born after laparoscopy / hysteroscopy surgery, medicament therapy and artificial insemination.


How fast can I get an answer?

A written reply will be sent to a client’s e-mail address within 4-5 weeks. Additionally Dr. Andrei Sõritsa will call you and explain the results.


What is included in the test?

Included are vaginal examination, KOH test, BMI, blood counts, AMH, FSH, E 2, TNF, Ca 125, LH, ultrasound, AFC.


What is the price of the fertility assessment test?

  • The cost of the test is 300 EUR + ultrasound investigation`s fee + gynaecologist`s consultation fee.