Yolanda Pereira Moreira



Human Biologist, Embryologist

Currently works as an embryologist in Elite Kliinik IVF unit, performs the following functions: measurement of the laboratory parameters, preparation of the plates and medias used in the IVF laboratory, oocyte pick up, oocytes denudation, evaluation of oocytes and embryos quality, ICSI, IVF, transfer of embryos, vitrification and thawing of oocytes and embryos with the Kitazato technique and laser-assisted hatching. Able to also begin a research career.



Degree in Human Biology at the University of Évora during academic years 2016-2019, in Portugal.

Master’s degree in biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction, at the University Institute IVI, centre associated with the Universidad de Valencia, during academic years 2019-2021.



  • internship at a human reproduction clinic, MALO CLINIC GINEMED, in Lisbon.
  • internship in the IVF laboratory in IVI Lisbon.
  • internship in IVI Valencia, Spain.



  • Neuronal Accidents, University of Évora, February 2016 — February 2016
  • Project HIV / AIDS, Évora University, September 2017 — June 2018
  • Online course on Cryobiology, IVI Global Education, May 2019 — June 2019
  • ICSI Theoretical-Practical Course, Ginemed, July 2019 — July 2019
  • Participation in the human periodic table, Portuguese Chemical Society, November 2019 — November 2019
  • How to define successful IVF, IVF-Worldwide, April 2020 — April 2020
  • International Seminar on Human and Genetic Reproduction, IVF-Worldwide, May 2020 — May 2020
  • First Online Congress on Future Innovations for Embryologists, IVF-Worldwide, June 2020 — June 2020
  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing, Johns Hopkins University, December 2020 — January 2021
  • Basic genetics – what is essential to know before an IVF?, igenomix, December 2020 — December 2020
  • Patient safety, Igenomix Brazil, December 2020 — December 2020
  • Introduction to Genomic Technologies, Coursera, January 2021 — January 2021
  • Telomerase and infertility, Quartec, February 2021 — February 2021
  • A Discovery of Sperm, International IVF Initiative, March 2021 — March 2021