Kristina Sõritsa

International Patient Coordinator

When you initially request your referral to Elite Clinic, Kristina will first provide all information needed about our services and guide you through the process for becoming a patient. During the process of becoming a patient and throughout your care, our coordinator is interested in knowing how we can help you with any special needs or requests. At your request, Elite Clinic will arrange for you to have an interpreter available throughout your medical care, helping you communicate with your medical team, arrange visits, understand prescription medication instructions, and more. We can even assist you in securing a driver, so that you and your family members can comfortably visit different places in Tartu or in Estonia.

Our team offers a caring, individualized approach, focused on meeting the needs of our patients and their families. If needed we will arrange your airport pick-up and drop-off and assist you with housing arrangements. If you prefer so, Kristina will take you on a tour of the Elite Clinic and manage any special requests that may arise.

Kristina is also responsible for PR and personnel recruitment. She has graduated from University of Tartu and has a master’s degree in the field of sociology.