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Tartu is situated in Southern Estonia and directly accessible by plane via Helsinki. Helsinki-Tartu flights are operated by Finnair seven days a week. Flight time is 50 minutes. Tickets for the flights leaving from Tartu Airport can be bought only on the Finnair website and from travel agencies.

You can also Travel to Tartu through Tallinn and Riga. Tallinn’s International Airport is located just outside the city centre, on the road to Tartu. It is comfortable to rent a car, take a bus or Airport Shuttle service. Riga’s International Airport is connected with Tartu trough Lux Express buses.


Getting to and from the Tartu airport

OÜ Tartaline has launched a regular shuttle bus service between the city centre and Tartu Airport. The Airport Shuttle leaves Tartu Airport for the city centre ca 20 minutes after an arrival, but will wait for anyone who needs a ride to the city. For just 5 Euros the shuttle will drop you off anywhere in the City of Tartu. Tickets can be bought from the driver in cash or using a debit or credit card.

To get to the airport from the city, you can book the shuttle to come and collect you up from a place convenient for you and in consideration of our schedule. To book your trip, call at least 12 hours before departure.

Getting to and from the Tallinn airport

Now the company is running also an airport shuttle service connecting Tallinn Airport with Tartu. The shuttle operates during night-time hours, when regular bus services aren’t available. This scheduling means that passengers arriving in Tallinn on late-night flights, or departing from Tallinn on early-morning flights, have an easy way to make their connections. A one-way ride costs 20 euros per passenger.

Additional information and reservations: +372 5054342,,

Flights to Tallinn:

There are several flights to Tallinn – from Stockholm, Göteborg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Riga, Vilnius, St. Petersburg, London, Bruessels etc.

Flights to Tartu:

Currently only available flights on route Helsinki – Tartu – Helsinki.

For tickets and more information please visit Tartu Airport’s website, contact passenger information +372 605 8888 or your travel agency.


To explain more about organizing your trip to Tartu :

Buying tickets will be on your responsibility and we admit that this is a risk because doctor cannot predict today (a month before) if yours and your donor`s reactions to medication will be correct, nobody will be sick, won`t have a car accident (we have had these situations in our practice).

Whether you buy a ticket that can be changed, whether you buy a cheap ticket where you cannot change the dates – this is your responsibility. Whether you will wait for our last information and instructions with exact dates and times after your last ultrasound and then decide how to come to Tartu – you are responsible for this.

More information about flights:

Nordic Aviation Group:




Tartu Airport:

Tartu Airport: +372 730 9210, , Tõrvandi Municipality of  Ülenurme 61715 Tartumaa