OSCAR test

OSCAR test with risk assessment of pregnancy complications

Dr Deniss Sõritsa and dr Svetlana Räim, who hold the respective FMF (The Fetal Medicine Foundation) license, offer an OSCAR test in Elite Clinic with a risk assessment of pregnancy complications such as the possibility of preeclampsia, fetal growth restriction and the possibility of preterm labour.


Oscar test combined with the 1st trimester screening enables to get information on the risks of fetal chromosomal diseases (Down, Edwards, Patau syndromes) on week 12-13 of pregnancy and in case of high risk result can have additional NIPT test (Panorama/Niptify) or invasive procedures. Additionally, the risk of pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction and preterm labour is assessed.


The OSCAR test can be conducted on week 12-13 of pregnancy. If you are interested in it, please contact us at least a week in advance.


An additional risk assessment for preeclampsia and other pregnancy complications will provide for you and for your doctor important information, like being at risk of child growth restriction or preterm birth. This means that additional preventive treatment and investigations will be planned during the pregnancy.


The OSCAR test consists of an ultrasound of the fetus, blood pressure measurements and a hormone test of the mother’s blood.


During the scan the ultrasonic markers characteristic of the syndromes are measured and combined with test result of hormones taken from the mother’s blood (fb-Hcg, PAPP-A and PLGF). Based on those data and the history of the pregnant woman, the individualised risks of the pregnant woman are calculated.


The OSCAR test, with the risk assessment of pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy complications, includes:

  •  fetal heart rate visualization
  •  assessment of placenta positioning
  •  assessment of the amount of amniotic fluid
  •  visualisation of limbs
  •  visualize movements
  •  assessment of fetal anatomy including cardiac anatomy and spinal completeness
  •  necessary measurements to assess the chromosomal risk for Down, Edwards, Patau syndromes
  •  necessary measurements to assess the risks of pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction, preterm labour

The result will be received within 1-2 working days.


The Oscar test is suitable and provides information to any pregnant woman and is especially recommended for pregnant women who are characterized by:

  •  Age over 35 years
  •  IVF pregnancy
  •  Previously has a chromosomally ill child
  •  Previously has a child with a heart development failure
  •  Diabetes
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Obesity (body mass index over 30)
  •  History of pre-eclampsia or intrauterine fetal growth restriction
  •  History of intrauterine death
  •  Frequent miscarriages

Registration and more information at deniss@elitekliinik.ee.

The cost of the test is EUR 150 (in addition to the consultation fee).

For more information, call +372 7409930.


Pre-eclampsia – occurs in 5-8% of pregnant women.

Pre-eclampsia may be caused by:

  •  First pregnancy
  •  Mother’s age over 40 years
  •  Multiple pregnancy
  •  A woman’s mother or sister has a history of pre-eclampsia
  •  History of pre-eclampsia during previous pregnancy
  •  High blood pressure prior to the conception
  •  Autoimmune diseases prior to the conception
  •  Pre-pregnancy diabetes mellitus
  •  History of gestational diabetes mellitus
  •  Obesity
  •  IVF pregnancy


Preterm labour

Premature labour occurs when regular uterine contractions result in cervical changes at the same time (the cervix begins to open) before week 37 of pregnancy.

Premature children can have a number of serious health problems that require special monitoring and treatment.