10 reasons to choose Clinic Elite for Your IVF treatment…

  1. First IVF baby in the Baltic countries was born in 1995 as a result of our team work.
  2. First baby in the Baltic countries using egg donation was born in 1996 as a result of our team work.
  3. Our IVF laboratory team has remained the same for 15 years – only experienced professionals.
  4. Head of Elite Clinic and IVF department Dr Andrei Sõritsa, PhD, is very experienced and well-known IVF specialist. Dr Andrei Sõritsa graduated from University of Tartu in 1984, has a PhD degree. Dr Andrei Sõritsa has been a docent(associate professor) in University of Tartu.
    The field of infertility treatment in Estonia is regulated since 1997 by a law named “Assisted Fertilization and Protection of the Embryo” and Dr. A. Sõritsa was a part of a workgroup compiling the law. In 2006 Dr A. Sõritsa was honoured by Estonian president with The Order of the Estonian Red Cross for developing the treatment of infertility in Estonia.
  5. Elite Clinic has been built (year 2001) by taking into consideration the special needs and standards of IVF treatment – all conditions in laboratories and for patients are meeting high standards.
  6. Elite Clinic cooperates in the programs of IVF and egg donation with different clinics and doctors in Scandinavia. We can give you suggestions where to have preparations at your home country.
  7. Our egg donors suite well to patients from Scandinavia by phenotype and temperament.
  8. Elite Clinic has a good choice of egg donors and we are suggested by patients who already have been in Elite Clinic.
  9. Easy access to Tartu, straight flights from Stockholm to Tallinn, Riga and Tartu, straight flights from Helsinki to Tallinn and a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn and a ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn.
    Elite Clinic offers high standard car transfer service from Tallinn and Riga to Tartu.
  10. The company was founded in 1998 by Dr Andrei Sõritsa. He owns 100% of the company. The Sõritsa family has significant commitment toward the business’ overall well-being:
    Dr Andrei Sõritsa is a chief executive officer and founder of the company, works daily also as a gynaecologist and fertility specialist.
    Dr Andrei Sõritsa`s wife Svetlana Sõritsa worked as an administrator and was responsible for design issues – decorations, interior design, landscape architecture and clothing of personnel and inpatients.
    In 2001 Dr Andrei Sõritsa`s son Dr Deniss Sõritsa became a member of board and works since 2001 as an infertility specialist and gynaecologist. Dr Deniss Sõritsa deals with scientific work in the field on infertility and endometriosis. Dr Deniss Sõritsa has graduated Faculty of Medicine in University of Tartu and completed an obligatory four year long postgraduate medical training (residency) in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. In 2011he started his PhD studies. His scientific research focuses on endometriosis, its diagnostic markers and treatment outcome.
    Dr Deniss Sõritsa`s wife Kristina Sõritsa works as an international patients coordinator and is responsible for PR and personnel recruitment. She has graduated from University of Tartu and has a master’s degree in the field of sociology.