Our Main Values

Personal approach

Clinic Elite AS aim is to concentrate to each and every aspect of every client’s wishes individually whilst ensuring high quality medical services which are provided in comfortable living conditions and privacy. For every client there is a sufficient time planned for a consultation with a doctor as well as for the procedures available along with providing answers to all your questions and to ensure a high quality service at the same time. Throughout the treatment process one physician, who is responsible for the care, deals with the client.

Quality of the service

Quality of the service is guaranteed by optimum solutions, modern medical technologies, highly qualified staff, years of experience and a continuous development of the staff through international conferences and trainings. Among other things we require from our suppliers, contractors and partners of choice evidence of their competence.

Qualified staff

Clinic Elite AS staff is comprised of only experienced professionals, who has an extensive scope of experience and skills required for work with requisite education and specialization. All the physicians working in the Clinic Elite AS have a minimum of 15 years of experience. Laboratory and operating theaters staff working in the Clinic Elite AS has a precondition of at least 10 years of experience. Clinic Elite AS staff continuously evolves themselves by attending both international conferences as well as internal trainings.

Comfort and individuality

Clinic Elite AS operates in the building that is built to meet the needs of the private clinic and meets all the international standards for that. The entire treatment process takes place in the same building. Clinic Elite AS rooms are decorated in a way that the client would feel comfortable without a sensation of the hospital environment. Clinic Elite AS provides personalized services for the clients to suit their needs and considering their wishes – for example visit times and choice of doctors.

Customer satisfaction

It is very important for us to provide the quality service to the customers and to meet their expectations. In order to do that, a customer feedback surveys are carried out and customer’s suggestions are implemented for improving the quality of our service.

Continuous development

The team will pursue the implementation of the quality policy, objectives and to ensure their compliance with the ISO 9001 standard-compliant management system through continual improvement. The company’s quality policy was confirmed by the Elite Clinic board member on 05/26/2011.