The cost for IVF

Standard IVF package (medication excluded) : 2300 EURO (if patient have preparation in home country)

Included services:

  • consultation with the physician during stimulation (e-mail/phone)
  • anaesthesia for egg retrieval
  • male service
  • egg retrieval
  • fertilisation and culture of the eggs
  • embryo transfer
  • all physician, IVF lab and facility fees associated with IVF



  • pre-screening tests (extra cost for women about 400 EUR, for man about 330 EUR);
  • consultation in Elite Clinic if patient would like to have full preparation for IVF in Elite Clinic: first consultation 140 EUR, every next consultation 125 EUR;
  • downregulation check in (ultrasound and hormonal tests) – 370 EUR;
  • medication

If patient will have preparation in Elite Clinic price will be about 2800 EUR (medications excluded)


Medication costs:

  • Long protocoll GnRh/recFSH/recHCG ca 800-1400 EURO
    The cost depends on the dose of FSH and duration of stimulation


Extra costs (if needed):

  • ICSI – extra costs 450 EUR
  • TESA – 450 EUR
  • Incubation up to blastocyst stage – 440 EUR
  • Embryo Glue 300 EUR
  • Sperm cryopreservation (freezing) and storage for 3 months (extra cost 310 EURO)
  • Hotel in Tartu City between 60-150 EURO – per night)
  • Pregnancy testing and monitoring
  • Physician consultation before starting ovarian stimulation (extra cost 140 EUR)
  • Skype/WhatsApp, FaceTime, Viber consultation 30-40 minutes (extra cost 130 EURO)
  • Sperm donation (extra cost 360 EUR)
  • FET – frozen embryos transfer (extra price 1900 EUR)
  • Frozen embryos donation 1900 EUR
  • Endometrial scratching 290 EUR (includes histological investigations of
  • Embryo freezing and storage for 3 months 410 EUR – after the 3 months period embryo storage cost 1 EUR per day. Maximum storage time is 7 years
  • ERA test – 1310 EUR (includes instructions for preparation with medications in case the preparation is done elsewhere than in Elite Clinic, endometrium biopsy performed in Elite Clinic, ERA test, histological investigation of endometrium, consultation about test results). If the preparation is done in Elite Clinic consultations and scans will be for extra cost. Medications are excluded (100-400 EURO in case of standard reactions to the medications). Results will be ready within 4-6 weeks.