Step by step, doctor at home

Instructions of how to prepare at Your home clinic for egg donation treatment in Elite private clinic
Here can be found needed steps of egg donation process – information for egg donation patients-recipients who are able to have tests performed in a local clinic in their home country. It means you do not need to travel to Elite Clinic for a first consultation. Here you find information about medical assistance needed at home by your doctor or clinic.

  1. Ask your local doctor
  2. Fill in the questionnaire (recipient-data-medical-history )->
  3. Required tests
  4. Choosing Egg Donors
  5. Wait for confirmation, first payment
  6. We send information about medications you need
  7. Inform us if you can buy…
  8. Inform us if you want Elite Clinic to send you medications
  9. After receiving your treatment plan from us…


* Tips for an egg donation recipient:

1. Ask your local doctor if he or she is ready and able to support you in your egg donation attempt in Elite Clinic:

Helping you and your partner with testing.

1. Analyses for oocyte recipient:


Obligatory (not valid if performed outside European Union) :

    • Blood test of HIV,  T.pallidum Ab, Hbs Ag, HBc-Ab, anti-HCV (valid for 3 months),
    • Complete Blood Count (valid for 3 month)
    • Blood test , Testosterone, TSH, E2,PROL (valid for 6 months),
    •  Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonosis (PCR test, valid for 3 months),
    •  PAP Cytological test from cervix of the uterus (valid for 2,5 years),
    • APCR (valid for 12 months)



    • Rubella(IgM+IgG) (valid for 6 month)
    • ABO-Rh Blood typing (valid for 6 month)
    • any day of cycle: PROL,Test,TSH (valid for 6 month)
    • Day 3-5 of cycle: FSH, LH (valid for 24 month)


2. Analyses for husband of oocyte recipient:



    • Spermiogramme (sperm analysis: sperm count, sperm motility, sperm morphology, valid for 6 months),
    • Blood test of HIV,  T.pallidum Ab, Hbs Ag, HBc-Ab, anti-HCV (valid for 3 months),
    • Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonosis (PCR test, valid for 3 months)


Taking or not other – recommended tests –  is on your responsibility. We strongly suggest taking all the tests listed.

 Helping you to get needed medications:

  • Diphereline 3,75 mg depo (or Zoladex 3,6 mg depo)
  • Estrofem (or Progynova or Zumenon) 2 mg VI org
  • Progesterone intravaginal 400 mg N 80 or Crinone gel V org


Helping you in performing two ultrasound investigations.

2. Please fill in the questionnaire and send it back via e-mail to or by fax +3727409931.

3. Please ask your doctor to carry out necessary tests . Please send us your results via e-mail or fax – the embryo transfer is only possible if all test results are fine.

4. Send us codes of 3 donors you liked the most from the list of egg donors (ask for the list of donors via e-mail to and the dates you prefer to start your treatment.

5. Wait for Elite Clinic`s confirmation about your choice of donors and pay first payment to book your donor and start the process.

6. Dr Andrei Sõritsa from Elite Clinic will send you information about the names and amounts of medication you need. Tell that information to your doctor at home and ask your doctor if he or she can prescribe you the medication needed.

7. Inform us if you can buy all medication needed at home.

8. Inform us if you want Elite Clinic to send you medication needed for your treatment. Price of medication depends on the amount needed by your personal treatment plan.

9. After receiving your treatment plan from Dr Andrei Sõritsa, ask your doctor at home appointments to perform a scan and hormonal tests. The ultrasound scan is needed to check endometrium and ovaries, also is needed hormonal test for E2. Please follow the dates named in your personal written instruction.

We wish you a successful treatment and a positive result in Elite Clinic!

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