Recommendations for patients before visiting our doctors

Our clinic is supplied with modern medical and computerized equipment, which allows to make diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of infertility.
We pay a lot of attention to all conveniences for our patients, careful attitude of all personal, creation of confident and psychological comfort atmosphere.

If You decided to visit Private Clinic “ELITE” with infertility problems, then please prepare the following tests:

Tests for women:

  •     History case of previous diseases and operations,
  •     Blood test of HIV, syphilis, Hbs Ag and HBc-Ab (Hepatitis B), HCV (C-hepatitis),
  •     Blood group and Rh factor tests,
  •     Blood test of FSH, LH, Testosterone, TSH, E2 and PROL on 3-5 day of cycle,
  •     Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonosis,
  •     Rubella test,
  •     Cytological test from cervix of the uterus.

Tests for man:

  •     Spermiogramme (sperm analysis);
  •     Blood test of HIV, Syphilis, Hbs Ag and HBc-Ab (Hepatitis B),  HCV (C-hepatitis);
  •     Tests for Chlamydia, trichomonosis and gonorrhoea.



Methods of treatment

1. Program of in vitro fertilization (IVF).
This method is recommended in the treatment of the most serious forms of infertility and in case, when the tubes are absent or not transparent, is it an unique chanche for patients. This method is indicated also in case of endometriosis, some forms of male infertility , unexplained infertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome.
2. The program of insemination with husband’s sperm(AIH) is indicated  in many cases of  female and male infertility when the transport function of tubes is preserved, or man parameters of sperm quality are decreased.
3. The program  of insemination with donor’s sperm(AID) allows to solve the problem of many couples, where the infertility occurs because of spermatogenesis  disorder or failure.
4. Patients without ovaries or with irreversible pathology of ovaries are included into program of egg donation. In this case the donor’s oocytes which had been fertilized by sperm of recipient’s husband (or donor) is transferred into the uterus of recipient, who bears the child.
5. Intracytoplasmic injection of spermatozoa into oocyte- ICSI. This method allows to obtain fertilization in the cases which had been considered as hopeless before – e.g. the severe male factor infertility. ICSI is performed also together with TESA(testicular sperm extraction) and MESA (microepididymal sperm extraction) if there is no sperm ejaculation.
6. Assisted hatching – weakening of outer cover (zona pellucida) of the embryo to help embryo’s implantation into uterus. We are using an infrared 1,48um diode laser beam, focussed through a microscope objective and allows rapid, easy,safe and nontouch microdrilling(thinning) of Zona Pellucida(ZP). It is useful with advanced maternal age (over 37 years), elevated basal FSH, repeated IVF failures, thick ZP(over 20µm) or frozen-thawed embryo transfers.
7. Using the freezing and cryopreservation of embryos for further transfer allows to give next chanche for couple without new ovarian stimulation and ovarian punction.